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Fortune Education, established in 2004, is a registered education consultant of Medical colleges & Universities for medical aspirants and An authorized representative of Medical, Dental colleges, and private universities all over the world. Fortune Education offers MBBS, BDS & others’ admission, application, guidance, and documentation. We also offer required services such as scholarships to eligible students regarding medical and higher studies. We also offer admission to top medical colleges in Bangladesh and all over the world.

Fortune Education has legal rights to higher study & processing admission to Medical, Dental college, and universities all over the world. Offer MBBS, BDS & others Admission, Application, Guidance, Documentation, and required services such as to eligible students regarding medical and higher studies…

Fortune Education is Bangladesh’s leading consultant for  MBBS admission in Bangladesh, with more than 20 Medical Colleges. We pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of our students through honest and innovative guidance counseling. We strive to be the best Study Abroad Consultants by providing a service to students that is free and unrivaled by any other agency in the Country.
Shah Alam— Founder of Fortune Education

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Our Vision

  • To lead the change in our approach to growth & development, to take the responsibility for such change. We want to see the world around us. Our vision is to identify, encourage and nurture Leadership, Confidence, Responsibility and young learners through innovative technology and learning methodology.
  • We found that students want to appear for MBBS. Our Vision is to help the Nation through our skills and effort in providing the right platform to every individual. Who wants to pursue his/her career in the field of Medical Education and academics. We also create awareness for higher education across the nation and help Institutes in providing quality education at reasonable cost.

Our Mission

  • To take pride in, praise, promote, and support all that is excellent in our students.
  • To work with the high-esteemed hallmark of honesty, courage, fair play, and initiative-taking along with the teamwork of our people. We have the ability to respond effectively to the positive and productive changes taking place in all aspects of life. We also focus on communication skills, technology, and environment.
  • To provide loving care, support, and encouragement equally to students of all backgrounds and nationalities. We create within the academy a harmonious multicultural learning environment in which all students are equally important, happy, and successful.
  • To create a work environment, which motivates, recognizes, and rewards achievements at all levels, under the slogan: ′Together We’ll Create Your Future.′